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Sit and Stay

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Dog training tips:

With your dog "heeling" come to a stop. Your dog should automatically sit facing the same direction as you are by now. Take your hand, which should be held in an outstretched flat position, and make one sweeping motion downward about 2" in front of his face (don't touch him while doing this) and say at the same time -----stay! Slowly walk in front of him, backing up while facing him, and extending the leash until you are at the full length of the leash.

At first he will try to get up and follow you, so you must repeatedly correct him, returning him to the sitting position, and starting all over. Eventually, he will get the message and stay seated.

When he stays seated, wait for a few minutes and then return to him, walking behind him, always keeping him on your left hand side. This will bring you back to his right hand side and he will be at your left in the normal heel position.

Then say ----heel and take a few steps forward. When he stops and sits automatically, then you can give him a few pets and "good dogs", the exercise is finished.

After your dog has accomplished this procedure, repeatedly, you should trade your leash for a clothesline and keep extending the distance you go from him until you are out about 20 ft.

The clothesline is used so that you always have control until the message gets through that he can't just leave. He will try.

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