National Geographic Globes


Welcome to Friendly We are proud to bring you a fine selection of Globes.

Check out the list below to see all of the illuminated, non-illuminated, and talking globes, floor and desk globes that are available at National Geographic.


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Adventure Non-Illuminated Desk Globe

Early Explorer Non-Illuminated Globe

Envoy Blue Ocean Illuminated Floor Globe

Exploration Station Globe

Explorer Illuminated Blue Ocean Desk Globe

Fly and Discover Talking Globe

Illuminated Quest Globe with Personalized Plaque

Illuminated Quest Tabletop Globe

Interactive Talking Globe

Interactive Talking Globe

Limited Edition Everest World Globe

National Geographic Executive Non-Illuminated Desk Globe

National Geographic Executive Non-Illuminated Floor-standing Globe

Pinnacle Earth-toned Illuminated Floor Globe

Starship Earth Globe

Voyage Earth-toned Illuminated Desk Globe