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Training Your Dog to Come


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Sit and Stay

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Training off-leash


Dog training tips:

With your dog in the sit stay position, facing him with the 6ft. leash extended, say ------come !

Immediately pull the leash, pulling him toward you, until he is standing directly in front of you. Push his rump down, so that he is sitting in front of you looking up at you, waiting for his next command.

Then, with your left hand close to his collar, in one sweeping counter-clockwise movement, pull him around to the left in a semi-circle. This way he will now be in the heel position. Push down on his rump so that he is sitting beside you facing forward.

Do this repeadly, when he gets the idea, switch the leash for a clothesline and back up a little each day you work with him, until you are about 20ft. away from him. Use the same instructions as above. He will try to stray off at first, so keep a constant steady pull so that he can't, you must keep him coming straight toward you, without straying off course.

Keep working with him, he eventually will get it!

Most dogs like this exercise extremely well.

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